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“In judging human behavior, one must go

“In judging human behavior, one must go by what an individual believes is true— not by what is actually true.”-Randall Garrett #qotd #belief

“I found my will, a fragile thing, star

“I found my will, a fragile thing, starving among ferns and women and snakes.” – Leonard Cohen #qotd

“Altruism is beautiful in theory, but i

“Altruism is beautiful in theory, but it has never been known to work in practice.” – E.E. “Doc” Smith #qotd #lensmen

“…the original research was thought-p

“…the original research was thought-provoking, although it would probably be considered a felony in most states.”-A.Bernstein #qotd #Daria

“Sometimes you just have to shift the w

“Sometimes you just have to shift the way you look at things that are already there.” – Audrey Faye #qotd

“…guardians of youthful morals do not

“…guardians of youthful morals do not want live characters, they want plaster saints who never do anything naughty…”-Rbt Heinlein #qotd

“They think we’re gods.”–“Ok. We’r

“They think we’re gods.”–“Ok. We’re gods. Now what?”–“I have no idea.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“our culture is obsessed with dead musi

“our culture is obsessed with dead musicians. We love to put them on a pedestal.” – Frances Bean Cobain #qotd

“There is no beauty without laughter, n

“There is no beauty without laughter, no laughter without joy.” – Leonard Nimoy #qotd

“What physical science can devise and s

“What physical science can devise and synthesize, physical science can analyze and duplicate.” – E.E. “Doc” Smith #qotd