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If the House Republicans don’t believe President Bush anymore…

… when can I expect to see the Republican House members introduce a bill for an immediate and total pullout from Iraq?

And we thought Dubya was bad…

After Super Tuesday it looks like it will be a choice between Clinton and McCain, both of which have said it is possible the war will continue throughout their administrations if elected.

If Obama loses in the Democratic race… wouldn’t it be cool if there was an independent ticket of Obama-Paul?

Hey, did you see how well my anti-polar bear suit works?

From CNN:

“We have been protected from attack here at home,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky said. “There’s progress that is obviously being made in Iraq.”

Right, Mitch, right. Let me sell you a new anti-polar bear suit for only $2 million. Of course it works, do you see any polar bears around here? The suit is obviously protecting me from polar bear attack here at home.