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“ recommendation is that anyone att

“ recommendation is that anyone attempting to leave the mountain should be shot on sight, and the body burned.” – J. Glassner #qotd #SG1

“A country whose police murder unarmed

“A country whose police murder unarmed people has no legitimacy,” – Tom Clancy #qotd

“Where is she, Lord of Unity, where is

“Where is she, Lord of Unity, where is the kind face, the midnight help, the autumn wedding, the wedding with no blood?”-Leonard Cohen #qotd

“Infinitely less disturbing would have

“Infinitely less disturbing would have been the authentic tidings that a brick house had fallen upstairs.” – E.E. “Doc” Smith #qotd

“Maybe that’s not the whole story. May

“Maybe that’s not the whole story. Maybe that prettiness comes at a price.” – Glenn Eichler #qotd #Daris

“3 digits doesn’t seem like much, unle

“3 digits doesn’t seem like much, unless you’re talking percentages or fingers.” – Steve Knox #qotd

“The threat is usually more terrifying

“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” – Saul Alinsky #qotd