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Facebook meme: 25 random things

  1. I have 47 chromosomes.
  2. I write poetry.
  3. I’ve been described as “straight with a queer vibe”; I don’t know exactly what that means, but since the person describing me like that is a very good friend who is gay, I assume it was a high compliment.
  4. I was a Roman Catholic liturgy planner and organist for seven years.
  5. I am a Witchcraft ritual planner when the fit strikes me.
  6. I go to gothic fusion belly dancing workshops.
  7. I used to be a Catholic lay evangelist.
  8. I was doing minor spells such as glamorie since first grade in Catholic school, without even being aware I was doing spells.
  9. I’ve read more than 2,000 books.
  10. I’ve been listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who publications for nine years.
  11. I know just enough about medicine to scare myself half to death whenever I get sick.
  12. I turn Christian hymns into Pagan ritual songs.
  13. My attention to detail has been described as something that causes conflicts with others who pay less attention to detail.
  14. I write dark erotica under various pseudonyms.
  15. Instead of pretending that either BDSM or Magick can be made “safe”, I realize that both are on the edge and embrace the dance in both.
  16. I have problems applying the above principle to life in general.
  17. I am pro-choice on suicide.
  18. When I channel an entity, I go way under but I’m still aware of things.
  19. I’ve been known to pull people in with me when channelling.
  20. My primary deities are Apollo and the Star Goddess, but I work a lot with Brigid, Kali, and Lilith as well, and a little with Ixtab.
  21. I really need to start meditating more. One of these years.
  22. I’ve lost forty-five pounds in the past six weeks.
  23. I’ve been featured – with picture – in USA Today.
  24. I believe that omniscience is necessary to know if action or inaction will bring harm to anyone, so I do not accept the Wiccan stricture of harm none since it is humanly impossible to know if any act of commission or omission will harm anyone.
  25. Most of this stuff can be found on my various websites.