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People who follow the Bible just saying no to violence?

In a recent speech, Pope Benedict XVI said in part:

Naturally it is my hope that believers, whichever religious community they belong to, will continue to benefit from these rights, since I am certain that religious liberty is a fundamental expression of human liberty and that the active presence of religions in society is a source of progress and enrichment for all. This assumes, of course, that religions do not seek to exercise direct political power, as that is not their province, and it also assumes that they utterly refuse to sanction recourse to violence as a legitimate expression of religion.

The Dwindling in Unbelief blog points out that maybe the Pope should start editing the Bible if His Holiness really believes what he’s preaching.

Extra: see the Bible illustrated with Legos! Two sample scenes:

God Commands Amalekite Genocide
Saul Rejected for Incomplete Genocide

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