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What I was up to today

The workshop before, actually. I watched the show afterwards, but since it was my first time learning this stuff…

Bellydance at the Beach

Mayor Murphy R. McMillin of Jena LA totally clueless

But then we knew that already, didn’t we?

According to CNN, the mayor of Jena, LA, land of the nooses and home of the vile, had this to say about a new song by John Mellencamp:

“… the Mellencamp video is so inflammatory, so defamatory, that a line has been crossed and enough is enough.”

Mr. Mayor, get a frickin’ clue:  the hanging of the nooses was so inflammatory, so defamatory, that a line was crossed and enough was enough.  And the town of Jena didn’t do anything about it.

Don’t try to pick fights with songwriters for saying the Emperor of Jena is wearing no clothes – because more people than just Mellencamp can see that you, Mr. Mayor, are nakedly protecting an undercurrent of threats and admissible racism in your town.

Starry starry night

YouTube video slideshow of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, set to Don McLean’s song “Vincent.”

“But I could have told you Vincent
This world was never meant
For one as beautiful as you…”