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“The plans of men do not necessarily co

“The plans of men do not necessarily coincide with those of the Universe.” – Randall Garrett #qotd

“I am impressed by Mr. [Adlai] Stevenso

“I am impressed by Mr. [Adlai] Stevenson— I think he has raised sheer stupidity to a high art, to a level of genius..”-Robert Heinlein #qotd

“The boy you seek is no longer who he w

“The boy you seek is no longer who he was.” — “I don’t want to hear that.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“Eroticism is…more desirable to me if

“Eroticism is…more desirable to me if…totally hopeless….not the same as mysticism…the promise of enlightenment.”-Geo. Bataille #qotd

“How you murdered your family / means n

“How you murdered your family / means nothing to me / as your mouth moves across my body” – Leonard Cohen #qotd

“autopsy to figure out a patient’s affl

“autopsy to figure out a patient’s affliction is an unsatisfying, and not terribly productive, way of practicing medicine”-Rbt Wachter #qotd

“Generally, you want your alibi not to

“Generally, you want your alibi not to be a witness at the scene of the crime.” – Larry Doyle #qotd #Daria