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The Republic of Israel: ordering the US around?

“If adopted, the new strategy will undoubtedly be condemned by Israel, which has warned the U.S. that it has until the end of the year to put an end to Iran’s uranium production before it takes matters into its own hands.” (from CNN)

“Warned the U.S.”?  “its own hands”?

If Israel – which is widely known to possess nuclear bombs itself – is threatening to break international peace, and is making those threats to the United States of America, then maybe it’s about time for the United States to reconsider our relations with Israel.  Dropping down relations from full diplomacy to a chargé d’affaires level would be a good first clue; introducing a U.N. resolution calling for an economic boycott if they don’t back down would be a great second clue if needed.  Maybe the President and the Secretary of State could recruit former President Jimmy Carter as a special envoy.

But it’s high time that the United States of America stopped having its foreign policy directed by people like Binyamin Netanyahu.