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“When utilities or heavy industries tal

“When utilities or heavy industries talk about the “people,” they mean the banks and other power sectors of their own world.” – Saul Alinsky #qotd

“I really wish I understood these drawi

“I really wish I understood these drawings.” – – “Why don’t you ask your people?” – – “All-knowing.”- Robert C. Cooper #qotd #SG-1

“We didn’t put a price on our help, and

“We didn’t put a price on our help, and it’s not fair to demand one afterward.” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd

“Blessed are you in the smallness of yo

“Blessed are you in the smallness of your whispering. Blessed are you who speaks to the unworthy.” – Leonard Cohen #qotd

“Prophecies can be altered. Universally

“Prophecies can be altered. Universally, however, committing an act of violence to change them seems merely to hasten their arrival. Look at Oedipus or Perseus or Paris.” – L. Jagi Lamplighter #qotd

“It would be nice if the students got a

“It would be nice if the students got a little more encouragement. Maybe a bright kid like Daria would have a better attitude.” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #Daria

Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, sung by my late f

Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, sung by my late father Jack Deltuvia (6/24/34-10/26/07): #qotd #music #Deltuvia

“…any consideration of a boycott shou

“…any consideration of a boycott should carefully avoid essentials..even selective buying weakens…With non-essentials—grapes, bananas, pistachio nuts, maraschino cherries, and the like—many liberals can make the “sacrifice” and feel noble.” – Saul Alinsky #qotd

“We’re building a civilization, Sam. T

“We’re building a civilization, Sam. There are going to be sacrifices. It’s better than rotting in caves, living and dying in squalor like you’ve never seen! I’m creating a great people.” – – “In your image?” – – “Yes.”- Robert C. Cooper #qotd #SG-1

“A pessimist is never unpleasantly surp

“A pessimist is never unpleasantly surprised.” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd