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Cats: Unnatural beings in the Americas

According to CNN and multiple other sites, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress wants to declare open season on unleashed cats. Part of the reason they give for this is the following:

"The Conservation Congress recognizes that cats are not a native species ecosystem. The domestic cat is a descendant of the European and African wild cats which were imported to deal with rodent populations in agricultural settings."

Well, heck, humans aren’t indigenous to the Americas either. Maybe someone can get the Conservation Congress together with the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement or the Church of Euthanasia so that some real progress can be made on the removal of species dangerous to the Wisconsin ecosystem.

ICANN screws up… again

An article on today tells of a registrar who’s willing to register anyone for a .pro domain, without credentialing for the required professional status recognized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The article states there’s a “loophole”… well, there’s no loophole, there’s a chasm you could drop the planet Jupiter through.

The ICANN agreement with registrars, available at, doesn’t specify any restrictions of the .pro top-level domain (TLD) – or, for that matter, on any TLDs other than .aero, .coop, and .museum (luckily for the Internet, ICANN doesn’t administer country TLDs such as .us and .ca this way, nor do they control the US Government domains of .gov and .mil or the .edu domain).

Must-see art

Noticed how many Christians are expecting imminent "Rapture", so it seems it doesn’t matter to them what they do to the earth? Check this piece of art out:

Proof that the PATRIOT Act is simply for Bush political enemies

Imagine a domestic terrorist attacking an international event in the United States of America, killing one person and injuring several.

Imagine the same terrorist committing another attack, killing a police officer.

Now imagine the United States Attorney cutting him a deal so that he doesn’t face the death penalty.

You don’t have to imagine it. This is the deal the United States Attorney General’s office cut with Eric Robert Rudolph, a domestic terrorist who has been conducting bombings in the United States for over a decade.

If the United States Government can’t even make use of laws that existed before the so-called PATRIOT act to punish terrorism, exactly what use does the PATRIOT act serve? It seems to be to punish political enemies of the Bush administration, as well as to allow the wholesale circumvention of the Constitution. As the Rudolph case proves, we certainly don’t need this travesty of legislation for any legitimate purpose – the United States Government doesn’t even enforce the pre-existing anti-terrorist laws to their full extent.