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Imagine a domestic terrorist attacking an international event in the United States of America, killing one person and injuring several.

Imagine the same terrorist committing another attack, killing a police officer.

Now imagine the United States Attorney cutting him a deal so that he doesn’t face the death penalty.

You don’t have to imagine it. This is the deal the United States Attorney General’s office cut with Eric Robert Rudolph, a domestic terrorist who has been conducting bombings in the United States for over a decade.

If the United States Government can’t even make use of laws that existed before the so-called PATRIOT act to punish terrorism, exactly what use does the PATRIOT act serve? It seems to be to punish political enemies of the Bush administration, as well as to allow the wholesale circumvention of the Constitution. As the Rudolph case proves, we certainly don’t need this travesty of legislation for any legitimate purpose – the United States Government doesn’t even enforce the pre-existing anti-terrorist laws to their full extent.


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