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“Buying books is like buying sweets, lad

“Buying books is like buying sweets, lad, so beware…you’ll never stop wanting more. Forever.” – Fiona Patton #qotd #Valdemar

“I feel I am faithful to life if I drin

“I feel I am faithful to life if I drink and eat what pleases me. Life is always enchanting, a feast, a party…” – Georges Bataille #qotd

“Don’t forget to enter this experience

“Don’t forget to enter this experience on your Proud Moments Summary Page.” – Anne D. Bernstein #qotd #daria

“It is usually considered bad luck to r

“It is usually considered bad luck to refer directly to the faeries.” – Robert Ellison #qotd #fairies #fey

“A boy who gets a ‘C-minus’ in Apprecia

“A boy who gets a ‘C-minus’ in Appreciation of Television can’t be all bad.” – Robert A. Heinlein #qotd #philosophy #media

“Couldn’t the planets change? I mean,

“Couldn’t the planets change? I mean, drift apart or something like that to throw this map off?” – Brad Wright #qotd #stargate #SG-1

Liturgical Proclamation of the Birth of

Liturgical Proclamation of the Birth of Christ, sung by my late father Jack Deltuvia (1934-2007): #mp3 #qotd