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“We all…in our lives, end up in water far over our heads. Not everyone can step up to such overwhelming responsibility.”-Audrey Faye #qotd

“You drew the tears back to my eyes…You gave the injury a tongue to heal itself.” – Leonard Cohen #qotd

“ can’t save people from the world. There’s nowhere else to take them.” – M. R. Carey #qotd

“What bothers me is that jerk is going to be treated like a hero for the rest of this life.” – Glenn Eichler #qotd #Daria

“Blessed be thy lips, which shall utter the sacred names.” – Gerald B. Gardner #qotd

“..he was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, because yesterday had brought it.” – Neil Gaiman #qotd

Danny Boy, sung by Jack Deltuvia (1934-2007): – #mp3 #qotd #irish