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“…the only way a sheep could compromi

“…the only way a sheep could compromise with a wolf was from inside the wolf’s belly…” – Christopher Nuttall #qotd

“Looks like a sandwich… and it’s an

“Looks like a sandwich… and it’s an antique!” – Anne D. Bernstein #qotd #Daria

“Church grew,and with her growth came ta

“Church grew,and with her growth came taxes and yet more taxes,with the added cry to,’Repent and forsake wicked ways.’”-Gerald Gardner #qotd

“Now you know the answer to the great m

“Now you know the answer to the great mystery, but I don’t. Will you be waiting at the end of that tunnel…”-Virginia Heinlein #qotd

“How is it that you always come up with

“How is it that you always come up with the worst case scenario?” — “I practice.” – Katharyn Powers #qotd #SG1

…it is a slow death. You have no choic

…it is a slow death. You have no choice…no power of consent. Only the choice of awareness – courage or ignorance.”-A.D. Hitchin #qotd

“If you suggest a feeling, I affirm it.

“If you suggest a feeling, I affirm it. If you provoke, I accept the challenge.” – Leonard Cohen #qotd

“Words can Heal— words and love togethe

“Words can Heal— words and love together can more often achieve what magic cannot.” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd

“Say it, Daria. Whatever you’re thinki

“Say it, Daria. Whatever you’re thinking, say it. If you don’t, they’ll go on like this for hours.” – Anne D. Bernstein #qotd #Daria

“…when scorn waxed and love died, hel

“…when scorn waxed and love died, help waned, or had to be bought. More and more money was needed.” – Gerald Gardner #qotd