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“Magic can be a useful thing that makes

“Magic can be a useful thing that makes life better. It can also drive you nuts.” – Elisabeth Waters #qotd

“..out in the middle of nowhere..we hav

“..out in the middle of nowhere..we have no way to contact anyone, and our parents have gone insane.” – Glenn Eichler #qotd #Daria

“..they be not devils, Jan, that is but

“..they be not devils, Jan, that is but a priestish lie, they be but the old Gods of Love and Laughter and Peace and Content.”-Gardner #qotd

“Was my family ‘poor’? No. Did we (as

“Was my family ‘poor’? No. Did we (as the economists say) have much discretionary income? Absolutely not.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders #qotd

“Your looks are laughable, / Unphotogra

“Your looks are laughable, / Unphotographable, / Yet you’re my favorite work of art…” – Lorenz Hart #qotd #deltuvia

“So there is the conundrum: How can we

“So there is the conundrum: How can we wield the weapons of secrecy without damage to ourselves?” – SIr William Stephenson #qotd

“..the Angel of Darkness explains the d

“..the Angel of Darkness explains the difference between a palace and a cave..” – Leonard Cohen #qotd