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“Now, the object of the game is to shoo

“Now, the object of the game is to shoot to kill.” – – “Excuse me. Isn’t the object of the game to capture the enemy’s flag?” – – “Whatever. Move out!” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #Daria

“There is no such thing as a straight l

“There is no such thing as a straight line in the universe; everything works in curves; therefore it is only a matter of time before that which you send out from your mind returns to it.” – DIon Fortune #qotd

“…since the Haves publicly pose as th

“…since the Haves publicly pose as the custodians of responsibility, morality, law, and justice (which are frequently strangers to each other), they can be constantly pushed to live up to their own book of morality and regulations.” – Saul Alinsky #qotd

“There will be none left to worship him

“There will be none left to worship him if this continues.” – – “They’re like Abraham.” – Robert C. Cooper #qotd #SG-1

“ cats and birds we are pussy-foo

“ cats and birds we are pussy-footed and pigeon-toed and our footsteps lead toward home…the cowboy dreams of the wide open…west, the old salt is looking out to sea … and down in the hold of many ships are dead Chinamen’s bones going home to China.”-Rbt. Ripley #qotd

“Come, / Let us dance together / sing t

“Come, / Let us dance together / sing together. / Let us reawaken / the innocence / the wonder / the simple / Joy and faith / Which is rightfully ours…” – Leonard Nimoy #qotd

“One of the first things a doctor learn

“One of the first things a doctor learns is how not to sleep.” – Tom Clancy #qotd