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Waning Moon

From full she darkens, failing, fading
Remembers climb and zenith, her creation
Twained moons they brighten, building, waxing
Reflected trine light, still needs but one

Still yet she dims, should she not shun
A final journey of making new
If ‘twould be ‘complished, must now she run
And claim Creatrix days, hers now so few

The matrix closes dry as the dew
To leave the Twain to grow alone
“No!” she cries, “Not only two
“‘gain I will birth the flesh, the bone!”

Fervored glories not unbecoming she who as a Goddess
Passion’d pains forthgiving: another yet to bless.

Democrats try to end the ultimate taxation without representation

The ultimate form of taxation without representation is to accrue massive government debts that will have to be paid by people not even born yet.  It’s difficult to vote if you haven’t even reached embryo status yet.

According to CNN , Rep. Dave Obey of Wisconsin suggested that current voters pay for the Iraq conflict, since current voters control whether that conflict continues or not.

Naturally, Republicans – with their never-ending concern for the unborn – are in favor of continuing to tax not only the unborn but even the not-yet-conceived.