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Bush Administration and Birdshot

According to CNN, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan defended the Administration’s lack of speed in informing the media of the Cheney shooting incident:

"But it’s also important to make sure that the first priority is focused where it should be, and that is making sure that Mr. Whittington has the care that he needs."

The Executive Office of the President was personally handling Mr. Whittington’s medical care?


Given the example of how the Administration is still failing to handle the long-term housing needs of the Katrina refugees, isn’t it clear that if the Administration was personally handling Mr. Whittington’s medical care, the poor guy would be dead by now and buried, um, at an undisclosed location?

Maybe Yahoo! shouldn’t try to address the whole world

According to a story on, Yahoo! thinks that global Internet restrictions are too much for one company to address. A lawyer for Yahoo! is quoted as saying,

"No one company, no one industry can tackle this on its own"

Maybe Yahoo! should take this as a message that it shouldn’t be everywhere if global restrictions can’t be addressed.