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Orthodox Jews and Naziism: Shared Values

Much as the Jewish community would like the world to believe otherwise, Jewish people were not the only persons targeted by the Nazi regime. Just as Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David, so homosexuals – another outcast group – were required to wear pink triangles. (This is the origin of the pink triangle used in the modern gay rights movement.)

According to the Jerusalem Post, “A Jewish invocation will be used by ultra Orthodox rabbis in Jerusalem to curse the organizers of the Gay Pride March and the police who protect them.” A quote in the story says that “If done by a competent, God-fearing rabbinic court like the Edah Haredit, the people who are cursed do not live out the year.”

The Edah Haredit and Adolf Hitler: not so different after all, in the long run.

The war crimes tribunal that’s really needed

For Saddam Hussein’s actions to kill as many Iraqis as Bush’s actions did, Hussein would have to live and rule for at least another 200 years:

“If Saddam can be sentenced to death for his responsibility in the killing of 148 Shiites, what about Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Blair’s responsibility for the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians slaughtered by Bush’s invasion of Iraq? This massive carnage is the direct consequence of an illegal invasion – a war crime in itself for which Nazi leaders were sentenced to death – that was based on lies and deception. Bush himself admits that 30,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed. Iraq Body Count puts the civilian deaths at between 45,000 and 50,000. The recent Johns Hopkins University study published in the peer-reviewed British medical journal, The Lancet (11 Oct, 2006), puts the Iraqi civilian deaths caused by Bush’s invasion as high as 655,000.” – Paul Craig Roberts

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Democracy: Voting for who the Republicans want you to, worldwide!

Tom Lehrer’s song that
“They’ve got to be protected
All their rights respected
‘Till somebody we like can be elected!”

continues to ring true today. The American Republican idea of spreading democracy throughout the world is to threaten the sovereignty of other nations if people vote against what American Republicans want them to do. According to National Public Radio:

“Voters in Nicaragua go to the polls Sunday, but observers and candidates are increasingly anxious about U.S. involvement in the election. Republican senators and the U.S. ambassador have been threatening reprisals against the nation if it elects former Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega.”
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