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“The liosálfar were the light, or good

“The liosálfar were the light, or good elves, and dwelt in the regions of the air and are the ones who helped the humans.”-Rbt Ellison #qotd

“Irish witches knew better than to disa

“Irish witches knew better than to disagree with someone who had the sight.” – Debora Geary #qotd 

“You can actually see the fluctuations

“You can actually see the fluctuations in the event horizon.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“…it is all too fleeting and fragile

“…it is all too fleeting and fragile a thing, peace.” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd

“How do you steal *live* land mines?” –

“How do you steal *live* land mines?” – Rick Riordan #qotd

“As a customer, I don’t want to have to

“As a customer, I don’t want to have to..answer twenty questions or provide copious proof of my existence.” – Jon Taffer #qotd #business

“This is all very touching. Brittany, a

“This is all very touching. Brittany, a deal. The mouse for Kevin.” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #daria

“…marriages between mortals and faeri

“…marriages between mortals and faeries are not at all uncommon.” – Robert Ellison #qotd #feri #fey

“A cat takes up far more space than is

“A cat takes up far more space than is even remotely possible under the laws of nature.” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd #cats

“No Kleenex boxes, please. Otherwise we

“No Kleenex boxes, please. Otherwise we’ll assume the worst and send a bomb through.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1