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“…the Gods didn’t expect their worsh

“…the Gods didn’t expect their worshipers to be mindless slaves.” – Randall Garrett #qotd

“If I didn’t have such low self-esteem

“If I didn’t have such low self-esteem, she might have gotten to me.” – Larry Doyle #qotd #Daria

“…it had been considered a great inju

“…it had been considered a great injustice for Roman soldiers to return from the wars to nothing.”-Phyllis Smith #qotd

“Speculative fiction..much more realisti

“Speculative fiction..much more realistic than..most historical and contemporary scene fiction and is superior to them both.”RHeinlein #qotd

“You don’t think the Goa’uld are send

“You don’t think the Goa’uld are sending people through,do you?” — “It would be like bugs on a windshield.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“Love gnaws at me: there is no other es

“Love gnaws at me: there is no other escape than a quick death.” – Georges Bataille #qotd

Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, sung by my late f

Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, sung by my late father Jack Deltuvia (6/24/34-10/26/07): #qotd #music #deltuvia