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“our culture is obsessed with dead musi

“our culture is obsessed with dead musicians. We love to put them on a pedestal.” – Frances Bean Cobain #qotd


“There is no beauty without laughter, n

“There is no beauty without laughter, no laughter without joy.” – Leonard Nimoy #qotd

“What physical science can devise and s

“What physical science can devise and synthesize, physical science can analyze and duplicate.” – E.E. “Doc” Smith #qotd

“We made up that part about aliens livi

“We made up that part about aliens living under the North Pole.” – Anne D. Bernstein #qotd #Daria

“…it’s pretty much impossible to igno

“…it’s pretty much impossible to ignore your body turning into an ice cube.” – Audrey Faye #qotd

“Asimov was extremely territorial about

“Asimov was extremely territorial about his food.” – William Patterson #qotd #Heinlein #Asimov

“We can choose. Choosing is good.It’s

“We can choose. Choosing is good.It’s a derivation of Arabic combined with…” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1