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In a Labor Day present to retired workers, Dubya has handed out a 17% hike in Medicare Part B "premiums" – read mandatory government levies, that is, taxes – to senior citizens.

$139.20 / year

from Americans on fixed incomes.

Guess the vote count is under control in Florida if the Bush adminstration is willing to take the chance to hit 8.5% of the state’s voting-age population1. Pennsylvania, which is considered a tossup between Bush and Kerry, has the second-largest percentage of voting-age people affected by this hike.

Will someone please send the OSCE observers to Pennsylvania and Florida? I think the election may turn on how the votes are counted there…


     1Drawn from the Census Bureau dataset Annual Estimates of the Resident Population by Selected Age Groups for the United States and States: July 1, 2003 and April 1, 2000.

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