commentary, philosophy, and outright rants

“I dunno. I guess I’ve always had a soft spot for the lunatic fringe. He was…He was charming.” – Robert C. Cooper #qotd #SG-1

“I don’t speak fluent toddler psychopath.” – John Oliver #qotd

“Add not your tears / To those men cried / In mourning / For their dreams that died…” – Leonard Nimoy #qotd

“We always hope for a better world, but we don’t have any guarantees —not yet.” = John Ball #qotd

“I really want to take a bullet for you.” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #Daria

“Once an Initiate, always an Initiate. In all moments of difficulty and danger the Initiate turns to his Master. Something in that boy’s soul will reach his own Fraternity. Sooner or later he will come across one of the Brethren…” – Dion Fortune #qotd

“You’ll never get anywhere unless you start somewhere.” – Peter Kyne #qotd