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“We are the dreamers / We are the dance

“We are the dreamers / We are the dancers / Life is the music / Love is the song.” – Leonard Nimoy #qotd

“Always best to accept the craziness an

“Always best to accept the craziness and move on.” – L. Jagi Lamplighter #qotd

“Hi! It’s raining cats and dogs out th

“Hi! It’s raining cats and dogs out there!” – – “What a unique perspective on the situation.” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #Daria

“A form of clairvoyance was growing fas

“A form of clairvoyance was growing fast upon me, not the piercing psychic perceptions of Taverner, who saw straight into the inner soul of men and things, but a power to perceive the subtler aspects of matter…” – Dion Fortune #qotd

“From the moment the tactician engages

“From the moment the tactician engages in conflict, his enemy is time.” – Saul Alinsky #qotd.

“It would be nice to be a cat. Everythi

“It would be nice to be a cat. Everything is so simple for them. Food or not-food. Thing to play with or thing to ignore. Favored human or not-favored human.” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd

“Bind me, ease of my heart, bind me to

“Bind me, ease of my heart, bind me to your love. Gentle things you return to me, and duties that are sweet.” – Leonard Cohen #qotd

“It was like drinking knowledge, and he

“It was like drinking knowledge, and her mind was always thirsty.” – L. Jagi Lamplighter #qotd

“Venting feels good, doesn’t it? You h

“Venting feels good, doesn’t it? You have every right to feel angry, and to express that anger.” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #Daria

“..she was extraordinarily vital; she d

“..she was extraordinarily vital; she drew her life from the sun and the wind and the earth, and as long as she was allowed to keep in touch with them, she glowed with an inner light, an incandescence of the spirit that blazed but did not consume.” – Dion Fortune #qotd