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“Two beings meet / Stand side by side /

“Two beings meet / Stand side by side / Young and fearful / Protected by / Layer upon layer / Of defenses / Wanting / To reach / And be reached…” – Leonard Nimoy #qotd


“The way her long fingers flew over the

“The way her long fingers flew over the brass keys of a Babbage Analytical Engine was almost a caress….” – Cindy Spencer Pape #qotd #steampunk

“Now, we’re going to need parent volun

“Now, we’re going to need parent volunteers. That is, if anyone can pull themselves away from their six figure jobs as sycophants!” – Peggy Nicoll #qotd #Daria

“The first thing you’re going to find

“The first thing you’re going to find when you explore the magical world is that a lot of what you know is true. The second thing you’ll find, though, is that nothing is as you’ve been taught.” – Cecilia Tan #qotd

“This is a guy whose entire career has

“This is a guy whose entire career has been dedicated to two timeless propositions. First, that there’s a sucker born every minute. Second, that the truth is whatever he can get away with.” – Bret Stephens #qotd

“To Oz.” – Robert C. Cooper #qotd #SG-

“To Oz.” – Robert C. Cooper #qotd #SG-1

“I’m beginning to feel like I somehow br

“I’m beginning to feel like I somehow brought a curse down on us. I show up, and suddenly bad things happen.” “I prefer to think that God knew bad things were going to happen, so He sent you,” “Well, then God has terrible taste in saviors,” – Mercedes Lackey #qotd