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“Daria thinks the name Mystik Spiral so

“Daria thinks the name Mystik Spiral sounds like a Doors cover band that p
lays brew pubs. Don’t ya, Daria?”-Anne D. Bernstein #qotd #Daria


“Magic demands much learning. Many bish

“Magic demands much learning. Many bishops practise it, even popes have been known to do so.” – Gerald Gardiner #qotd

“Russian consumer engineering:The seatb

“Russian consumer engineering:The seatbelts had only one side— they could not be fastened;there was nothing to fasten to.”Wm Patterson #qotd

“He was your friend. – My friend died o

“He was your friend. – My friend died on the table.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“..death takes consciousness away, I do

“..death takes consciousness away, I don’t just have consciousness of dying: death takes this consciousness away from me.”-G. Bataille #qotd

“Ask the final question/Who on earth am

“Ask the final question/Who on earth am I supposed to be?/I always come full circle to the answer: Me, Only me, Always Me..”-L. Nimoy #qotd

“…the more specific the god, the less

“…the more specific the god, the less wiggle room its worshippers had.” – Ilona Andrews #qotd