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“He was your friend. – My friend died o

“He was your friend. – My friend died on the table.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“..death takes consciousness away, I do

“..death takes consciousness away, I don’t just have consciousness of dying: death takes this consciousness away from me.”-G. Bataille #qotd

“Ask the final question/Who on earth am

“Ask the final question/Who on earth am I supposed to be?/I always come full circle to the answer: Me, Only me, Always Me..”-L. Nimoy #qotd

“…the more specific the god, the less

“…the more specific the god, the less wiggle room its worshippers had.” – Ilona Andrews #qotd

“Richard Feynman was…a swash-buckling

“Richard Feynman was…a swash-buckling personality the likes of which theoretical physics has not seen before or hence.” – Tony Zee #qotd

“more common to receive a gift of choco

“more common to receive a gift of chocolates and champagne or flowers than to be flogged with strips of bloody animal hides.”-C. Neal #qotd

“The time is overripe for space travel.

“The time is overripe for space travel. This globe grows more crowded every day.” – Robert A. Heinlein #qotd

“The Goa’uld has won. It’s taken cont

“The Goa’uld has won. It’s taken control of him. – How? – It deceived us.” – Brad Wright #qotd #SG1

“I die to the extent that I am consciou

“I die to the extent that I am conscious of death.” – Georges Bataille #qotd

“His cat came back from the moonlight,

“His cat came back from the moonlight, flew softly to her place on his lap, and waited for him to come back from his prayer.”-L. Cohen #qotd