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In its October 9th issue in an article called “Take That, You Pirates”, BusinessWeek magazine reports that

“Warner slashed prices nearly in half, to about $1.88. Perhaps more important, they’re now available within days of their release in theaters — earlier than anywhere else in the world. Superman Returns, for instance, has been in Beijing stores for some time now, but still isn’t available on DVD in the U.S.”

Why are first-run DVD’s available for less than US$2.00 in the Peoples’ Republic of China, shortly after release, while Americans have to pay 15 or more times that amount?  And why do they blatantly discriminate against handicapped people in the United States by making people wait months for DVD’s here, while they sell DVD’s within days of their theatrical release in the PRC?

Maybe the drug companies are controlled by the same people as the movie studios – they both sell their products for a lot less elsewhere in the world while gouging Americans.  I think that it’s about time that the US government looked a little closer to home for terroristic organizations and started enforcing cartel and disability anti-discrimination laws.

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