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Jersey City, NJ has started enforcing a business curfew requiring businesses to close at 11 PM in certain areas of the city. In the New York Times, Mayor Jeremiah Healy stated:

"It’s time for government to say that if you guys can’t control your businesses, then we’re going to exercise our right to make sure that you’re not going to be doing that kind of business after 11 p.m."

Now, these business owners aren’t being accused of having incidents occur in their places of business – they’re being accused of things that happen outside their shops, on the public sidewalks. Does Mayor Healy expect these shop owners to apply for gun permits and start shooting drug dealers? I guess someone has to, after all, Mayor Healy has let the police department slide to only two-thirds of its recommended force structure (down to 791 officers from 1200).

Ah, the Jersey City crime solution: drive the shop owners out of business, reducing tax revenue so less police can be hired, and let the criminals take over the city. I wonder if they’ve considered other solutions:

  • Borrowing some Army troops from Iraq service to train the government how to hire police and the police how to arrest criminals. After all, I doubt Jersey City could be too much worse than Baghdad;
  • Ask the state government to send the National Guard to prevent the insurrection by the people committing murders. It won’t even enter into the state budget argument, as the NJ constitution provides that the NJ government can borrow money without voter approval " for purposes of war, or to repel invasion, or to suppress insurrection…"
  • or just shutting down the Jersey City government, as it doesn’t seem to be competent to protect citizens of the City without restricting law-abiding citizens with rules the criminals aren’t going to bother following.

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