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Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have created a work of art consisting of metallic frames from which fabric is draped. Called "The Gates", they line paths in New York’s Central Park. Some people have marked up the “gates” with notes such as “ART?”, which have been promptly scrubbed away by City employees.

But why else line pathways in the people’s park in New York, if not to invite the people of New York City to actively participate in the nature of the art?


Comments on: "Central Park: How about people’s art?" (1)

  1. jenwolf said:

    It’s a good idea. In TC there is a path that connects two parts of the public open space. Along one side is the lake along the other is a long block wall. Ever since I’ve been here people have been painting or otherwise decorating the wall whenever. The city comes by every now and then and paints over with a neutral color and people start again. I assume it’s an ok (legal) place to paint since people just sit out there on summer days with their paints or chalks and work on their creation. Dunno if the wall is coming down with the old power plant, though. Would be a shame if so.

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