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In New York City, the parishoners of a Catholic parish were told that their church would have to be closed due to the high cost of structural repairs. No problem, as far as the parishioners were concerned – they raised $100,000 to take care of it.

But now their church has been padlocked and shut down anyway by the Archdiocese of New York which apparently intended to shut it down all along – with no accounting for that $100,000 coming out of the pockets of working-class New Yorkers. In the same way the Catholic Church treats sexual abusers, the pastor of St. Brigid’s parish has conveniently been reassigned to India.

St. Brigid’s church stands on some prime real estate property; no doubt that is a prime consideration over at St. Patrick’s den of thieves.

The 20th century Christian evangelist Harold Humbert wrote of a church building as a "sanctuary sure", which "stands on holy sod"; built to "endure", it "is the consecrated place where God himself draws nigh." It appears that nothing is sacred or holy anymore – if it ever was – when placed under the care of a Cardinal Archbishop.

In other news, it appears that Boston’s Finest got carried away in their celebration of the Red Sox defeating the Yankees. Responding to the grave threat of a few firecrackers being set off by fans hoping that the Curse of the Bambino might be on its way to disintegration, the Boston Police Department fired so-called "nonlethal" bean bags – really not bean bags, but lead-shot filled bags into the crowd. One of these "non-lethal bean bags" struck Victoria Snelgrove, a journalism major, in the side of the head – and killed her.

Maybe Bostonians should hope that the Red Sox don’t win the World Series – just think how much celebrating the Boston Police would do if that happened, playing bean-bag toss with high-powered weapons.


Comments on: "Dens of thieves and deadly beanbags" (1)

  1. Melanie said:

    I never thought I would see the day when beanbags became lethal weapons! How sad.

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